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Sage 200 to Magento Integration



Lazerbuilt is a UK based company with over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of of tech accessories. Their products are niche, exciting and full of personality.

Andrew Byatt approached us looking for a solution to integrate Sage 200 and Magento.

Lazerbuilt use Sage 200 for their accounts and back office and were in the process of building a site in Magento. They were already selling increasing volumes on Amazon and the manual entry of orders into Sage was causing issues – the busy Christmas period was around the corner and it was only going to get busier.

The solution was Infinite Connect for the Sage to Magento integration. We used M2EPro to integrate Amazon and Magento. The integration required configuration to handle Fulfilled By Amazon orders as well as normal orders. This was easily handled using our “Straight Through Processing” feature – in this instance we push the order into Sage and then in one step we allocate, dispatch and invoice the order. All of the other orders are pushed to Sage and allocated awaiting further processing as per Lazerbuilt’s requirements.

By working with Andrew and his team we were able to launch the integration and take the strain off their order processing quickly and efficiently.

Life before Infinite Connect was a collection of ecommerce dramas and crisis, with manually entered orders or bulk uploading after the event. After implementation our entire order entering process has been streamlined and is now automated leaving us to concentrate on gaining sales, not managing them. Infinite Connect and the support we have been offered has been excellent and I would highly recommend this service.

Andrew Byatt
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