BrightPearl and Channel Advisor – Infinite Connect

BrightPearl and Channel Advisor


If you are integrating BrightPearl and ChannelAdvisor then below are a list of the features that you get as standard with Infinite Connect.


Product creation – create products in ChannelAdvisor or BrightPearl
Product updates – push updates to selected fields via a mapping


Realtime stock updates – handle hundreds of stock updates with bulk processing
Group BrightPearl warehouses together or treat individually
Warehouse to Distribution centre mapping
Handles Bundled Products in BrightPearl, stock level is set at the level of the lowest stocked component


Customer creation when orders are created
Default Nominal Codes set in BrightPearl


Order Creation, default nominals for stock and carriage
Discounts and promotions
Stock Allocation Rules
Custom payment and shipping status mapping
Dispatch Notification (Partial and Full Orders)

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