Lazerbuilt the fashion and licensed accesscories for digital products specialists have just gone live with Infinite
Connect. Lazerbuilt were existing users of Sage 200 for many years and were in the process of upgrading their consumer facing
website to Magento. Andrew Byatt contacted us to help them with the task of integrating Magento and Sage 200, their
situation was similar to many others and we were able to offer them the advice and guidance needed.

Life before Infinite Connect was a collection of ecommerce dramas and crisis, with manually entered orders or bulk uploading after the event. After implementation our entire order entering process has been streamlined and is now automated leaving us to concentrate on gaining sales, not managing them. Infinite Connect and the support we have been offered has been excellent and I would highly recommend this service.

Andrew Byatt, Product and Marketing Director

Lazerbuilt make use of M2EPro to manage their marketplace orders from Amazon, with our assistance they were able to
go from a manual listing process to an automated solution. Orders from Amazon now flow through to Sage via Magento with no manual intervention.

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