It was our first exhibition as an exhibitor and to be honest we were not too sure… We did not need to worry, there was a continuous stream of enquiries and interesting people to talk to – in fact too many at times. It was a huge success!

What struck us most was how open everyone was to discussing partnerships and ways of working together – what a fantastic community and approach to business.

As we pondered this we realised two things, the technology market is so massive nobody can “do it all” and secondly we were providing a vital service – integration!

Why is integration so important? You only have to take a minute to think about how connected our lives are and how frustrating a break in that connectivity is, in our personal lives we expect everything to work together but in business this is often overlooked.

Our simple (but not easy!) offering of providing both off-the-shelf integration products as well as custom integration and solution consultancy was extremely popular, we talked to start ups, established businesses and some very big service providers to the eCommerce and retail market The message was the same: integration is critical and has to be done well. We came away from the show with a very clear mandate – keep doing what we are doing and add more systems.

We enjoyed our time catching up with our friends at ChannelAdvisor and BrightPearl it’s great to partner with you both. We particularly enjoyed the talk with Andrew Curran from – what a fantastic product service – personalisation at the point of despatch.

A fantastic two days of meeting people and listening to industry experts, if you haven’t been before then sign up for next year – it’s worth the time.

Until next year….

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